Saturday, November 24, 2007

Fall in Somerville

Gordon just purchased a new Nikon SLR digital camera. He's really excited about it and has been taking a lot of shots as he plays around with it and gets to know the camera better. Yesterday we went out for a "Friday after Thanksgiving" walk to get Anna's Taqueria for lunch and just enjoy the New England Fall scenery. There is a bike path right by our house that leads directly to Davis Square. It's a great place to walk - Lily loves waving at all of the doggies and other kids she sees on the path. In the Fall the bike path is extra pretty because of all the trees. Most of the leaves have turned yellow and orange and there is this really pretty yellowish glow that seems to envelop you when the light is just right. Gordon tried to capture the effect - I think these came out pretty great. He's got a photography class coming up in January - so check back for more fun pictures as he learns the ropes!

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