Saturday, November 24, 2007

New Game!

When Lily was born one of the gifts that she received was a cool little toy from Gordon's Uncle and Aunt, Nelson and Jeanette, and their two kids, Emma and Evan. The toy has four holes at the top where you can put these hard plastic balls. Then there's a hammer so you can push the balls through the holes into a series of ramps. The ball eventually comes out the front. The balls have been among Lily's favorite toys as long as she could grab and hold things. She loves carrying them around, banging them against each other (and anything else she can find) and watching them roll around on the hard wood floors. Up to now she has been too young to really get the "game" part of the contraption. Well just last week she and I were playing on the floor and I decided to try engaging her in the whole process. Mostly I just get bored and need ways to entertain myself. Anyway, I put the ball on top, hammered it through the hole. She watched it come out, picked it up and put it back on top for me to hit again. Sounds mundane - but it was very exciting for me. It's the first time we've really played a game like that together. She was enthralled with it and became annoyed if I slacked on my hammering duties! A few days later she was using her hand to push the balls through all by herself. Thanks for the great toy Nelson and Jeanette!

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