Thursday, August 19, 2010

From the BackSeat

Here's my latest attempt at a new "regular installment" on the LilyPad - snippets of conversations that Lily and I have in the car on the way to school.

Today, after we dropped off Quinn she requested "something else" on the radio. Apparently it wasn't an NPR kind of day.  So I switched over to MIKE FM and a nice poppy 80's Madonna tune was playing (think: Borderline, I can't actually remember what song it was because my brain has long since lost the ability to hold anything in short-term memory for longer than 6.5 minutes).   Lily has been very into music these days so we had this conversation:

Lily: "Mom, who's singing this?"
Me: "Madonna"
Lily:"DONNA?"  (I'm sure she was tickled pink thinking it was Grammy on the radio)
Me: "No, MA-Donna"
Lily: "oh" (thinks for a bit) - "you mean like Mimi celebrates?"
(Mimi was her family day care provider and we had run into her recently)
Me: *confused*, "OH! no no, honey that's RAMADAN, not Madonna"
Lily: "oh", "don't tell Mimi I asked that"

So I dunno - perhaps posting here is breaking the "don't tell Mimi" agreement.  She nearly ALWAYS ties my hands that way.

funny and cute - but I'm also impressed with her for remembering about Ramadan!

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