Friday, August 27, 2010

From the BackSeat: Everyone's a Critic

Tonight Lily, Quinn and I were driving out to Sandy Beach for the last of the "extreme happy hours".  On the way we were listening to a playlist from my iphone that I had made for Lily when she was a baby.  It included some kid songs and some of my favorite songs that I thought she would enjoy.

"Two Princes" by the Spin Doctors come on - and I admit - the Spin Doctors are not the most brilliant band ever - but they ARE fun to sing along to in the car.  So off I go singing - and pretty soon I hear Lily singing something in the backseat too.  I start having that warm, fuzzy feeling - look how fun!  we're all bee-bopping along to the same song, etc. And then:

Lily:  Mom, can we skip this one?
Me (hiding my disappointment): well, I like this song, so I'd like to hear it.
Lily: OK (then silence for a bit)
Lily: Mom?  Are they just saying the same thing over and over?

a few songs later Sweet Child O' Mine comes on - one of my favorite songs of ALL TIME (hi EK!).  Now unfortunately Lily's exposure to this song was some ballad-like cover on a lullaby CD that we got when she was born.  It's done be a woman and really isn't all that great (IMHO).  So Axel and Slash are all rocking it out and I hear this:

Lily:  Mom? is this the same as on the lullaby CD?
Me: yes, but this is a much better version
Lily: yeah, but it's the same right? as the lullaby CD
Me: yes, but I like this much better
Lily: right, okay - but it's the same, right?
Me: yes, it's the same.

Then my iphone cut out for a minute and:

Lily: what happened to the song there?
Me: I don't know, the phone cut out for a minute
Lily: probably SHE had to go get her instrument
Me: umm.. maybe, but you know  - that's a man singing
Lily: really? It sounds like a girl singing.  Why does he sound like that?

Thank god she's into They Might Be Giants.  Otherwise we'd be in big trouble finding common ground with this music thing.

Also amusing, but unrelated - we had this conversation as well:

Lily: Mom, when we go in a hot-air balloon, can I stand up?
Me (hiding my confusion at why she thinks we're doing this anytime soon): gee, I don't know - I guess someone would tell us the rules.  I don't know what they are.
Lily: I can't stand up Mom, it's the rule
Me: oh okay - so you know that already, ok - no standing up.  why not?
Lily:  Well if you stand up the balloon will pop
Me: OK, I see, yeah that'd be bad, so no standing then - I agree.
Quinn: Pop! Pop! Pop!

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