Thursday, July 8, 2010

Teddy Bear Parade

Stephanie and Tara organized the Teddy Bear Parade as part of the summer happy hour series.  It was the first highly non-traditional happy hour in that it was held on a Thursday and included teddy bears and entertainment.  Stephanie outdid herself as usual.  The event was held at Lincoln Park, right by her house and her husband Joe told me at some point that he believed all the furniture in his house had migrated out to the event.  The event was publicized far outside the Happy Hour circle and was really well attended.  The kids were encouraged to bring their favorite stuffed animal and a doll stroller for the parade.  Each child got a number, a musical instrument and some Teddy Grahams.  There were grills for hot dogs and a bunch of side dishes, deserts.  Stephanie held a big song circle and after the kids paraded around there was a performance by the Somerville Sunsetters.

Gordon was out of town that weekend with family so my Mom came up to hang out with us.  It was really fun to have my Mom there and the extra set of hands gave me a chance to take some pictures.  The event is not nearly as well photographed as it would have been had Gordon been there, but I did manage to get a few shots.  Lily and Quinn both enjoyed playing at the little playground there before the festivities.  Quinn was not yet walking and Lily opted out of the parade part, but she was completely mesmerized by the Sunsetters.  There was one Sunsetter in particular who did a solo of "These Boots are Made for Walking" that really caught her eye.  When we went home that evening Lily insisted that she was a Sunsetter.  She went on talking about them and pretending to be one for a few days.  I was sort of sad that she was no longer pretending to be John Flansburgh.

Here are the pics - thanks Stephanie and Tara for another awesome event!

Ellen Greeting the Participants

Sophie Hanging Around

Quinn Exploring the Playground

Stephanie Leading the Big Enormous Spider

The only actual parade picture I got

The 2010 Sunsetters

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