Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Hour: July 2, 2010

As summer marched on so did the Happy Hours.  Sadly we were absent for most of the July ones, but we did manage to get to the first July event hosted by Lisa, Jed, Lara-Jean and Zachary.  They have a great backyard-driveway setup and the kids had a great time playing in the pool, sliding down the slide and driving around in the many vehicles.  Lisa and Jed put out a great spread of food and the kids got to eat some kind of frozen yogurt push-pop treat that made an impression on Lily ("pear-papaya-coconut" she kept repeating for weeks after)  At one point in the afternoon I looked around and realized Lily had disappeared.  She was upstairs in the house, by herself, eagerly going through Lara-Jean's book collection.  Wow - she really is my daughter.

Here are Gordon's pics from the event.  I apologize in advance for the Quinn focus - he was just too cute crawling around and climbing up and down the slide.  It's funny to think that he wasn't walking yet then (given that I'm writing this post well over a month later....)

The water slide

Man, that was a wild ride!

Abbe and Kata

Here I come!

 I totally own this slide thing

Stopping on the corner to chat: L-J & Kata

Ezra and Marlena on the slide
Zachary and the popular yogurt pops

Sometimes the adults got to have conversations (or at least start them)

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