Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Hour: June 18, 2010

This week's Happy Hour was brought to us by Abby, Ben, Ruby and Eva.  We had another great day weather-wise for another fantastic backyard party.  Again - am very jealous of all these awesome Somerville backyards.  Ben&Abby have a great patio area, terrific garden space and a hammock under grapevines.  What more can you ask for?

This Happy Hour was extra cool for me because I got to send Gordon, Lily and Quinn home afterward while I stayed behind to drink Pimms and lemonade and talk about The Happiness Project with my super-fly book club ladies.  Abby was a hostess-extraordinaire for tackling two events back to back like that.  The most amusing part for me was Eva's reaction to me sticking around after every one else had left.  I was helping her, Ruby and Ben clean up the yard while Abby prepped the book club drinks.  Eva kept asking me things like "where are Lily and Quinn?", "Why are you still here?" "Will you be here tomorrow?"  I did contemplate just spending the night there in the backyard under the grape vines... Apparently I remained a topic of conversation when Eva woke up the next day.

The little ladies enjoying a nice backyard dinner: 
2 Katas, Eva, Ruby and Zoe

Getting a ride in the hammock: Ella, Lily, Kata and Marlena

Ted and Wyatt (the newest playgroup member)

More Hammock Time:  Ella, Kata & Lily

Quinn getting into things -
and a nice view of the backyard garden

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