Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Hour: June 11, 2010

[ed note: we had another happy hour before this one at our place - but sadly we have NO PICTURES of it.  I wish we did because it was nuts.  There were easily over 50 people here.  The place looked like we had thrown a kegger for pre-schoolers.  We needed a shovel to get through the mound of toys strewn across the playroom floor.  Boy do these kids know how to party]

Bob, Elizabeth, Cyrus and Jane have a lovely home with a great back yard - perfect for a summer Happy Hour Playgroup.  Lily, Quinn and I embarked on an adventure to get there - we took the bus!  I often forget how convenient the bus can be - it picks us up pretty much outside our front door.  And that route takes us about 2 blocks from our destination - perfection.  I put Quinn in the Ergo on my back, took Lily by the hand and off we went.  It was Q's first bus ride and he really seemed to enjoy it.  When we got to our stop I put him back on my back and we walked about 3 minutes to the  gathering.  By the time we arrived he was fast asleep.

Quinn got in a little 30 minute snooze at the beginning of the party.  Gordon met us there a little later and pulled out his trusty camera.  There were a lot of fun photo opportunities in the awesome back yard.  I'm slowly falling in love with these little urban gardens all our friends seem to have!  Bob & Elizabeth had the grill going and lots of yummy munchies spread out for us. Cyrus and Jane were great hosts and did a fabulous job sharing their toys and cool space with everyone.  The kids got into some bead necklaces and gave the event a little Mardi Gras type flair.  At the end of the night Bob pulled out his excellent steel guitar and played some music for us - he rocks.  You'll have to wait for the camping post to see/hear him in action though.  In the meantime here are my favorite pictures from the evening.

it's easy to see why Gordon enjoys photographing Sylvie so much

Lily checking out her acquisitions

getting ready to play catch (I think)

Diana and Lily S showing off their stunts

more upside down Lily S. (see also here)

Quinn hanging out with Al

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