Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sandy Beach

I'm a bit behind on posting stuff - well, as usual. I should probably stop saying that and just have it be the default. Then I can comment when I post something on time instead. Probably less annoying that way - and less likely to ever happen.

In the meantime, spring is in full swing and summer is knocking at our door with promises of camping, beach days, ice cream and cute, pudgy baby legs in shorts. Just this past week I joined some friends for an impromptu morning at Sandy Beach in Winchester. The weather was awesome and we pretty much had the whole beach to ourselves. It was a lovely, laid-back time. The older kids ran around exploring, playing and getting completely soaked while Quinn sat with Lauren, Diana and I begging for food charming everyone.

Thanks to Lauren for bringing her camera and getting some great pictures.

Intrepid Explorers

Lily and Sylvie: digging is serious work

The sign was wrong, there were totally lifeguards on duty


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Diana said...

Just read this one - so funny -- love the pics!!!!