Saturday, February 21, 2009

On the Losing End....

I'm beginning to worry that I really don't stand a chance against Lily. I mean I've tried - and I think that in general I've been pretty good at not being a total pushover. She's pretty good about limits (so far): she sits at the table through a meal, is somewhat polite (please and thank yous), knows that sharing is good and really tries, and goes to bed without a huge fit. But lately, she's been engaging in these little power struggles with me. Just me. Not Gordon.

The first/strangest example was the whole hair/hat thing. Clearly it was a control issue of some kind. But as she's graduated from a few words here and there to full on conversations she's evolved her tactics. Case in point: tonight.

Gordon and I are in her room reading stories. Today was a pretty full day: music class, container store trip, lunch at a pizzeria, followed by a nap during which we reorganized her playroom (more on that with pictures as soon as they are off the camera). Her nap went extra long, so we let her stay up a bit longer in the evening. I was tired from our day, so she and Gordon colored while I lay down for a bit.

After potty and cleanup and sponge bath it was story time. So I went in there and read her some books. Then we told her "one more story". She went and got 3 - and refused to pick one. I kept telling her, "no, pick one". So eventually she carried two of the books over to Gordon to try him out. He repeated the same thing "choose one story Lily." I then reiterated that sentiment as well. She turned around, looked at me and said: "No Mommy, don't talk to me". Then she reached for my hand and pulled to get me to stand up. She walked me to the door, opened the door, pushed me gently out and said "Go sleep Mommy". The door closed shut behind me.

I stood there a minute - wondering what to do. Then bolted into the bathroom and burst into hysterics. Poor Gordon - he wasn't sure if I was laughing or crying. I tried so hard not to show my amusement in front of her - but ugh - hard! Gordon read her ONE more story and then came to get me to sing her a final song. When I went in she was in bed with the same two books she had wanted me to read earlier. She picked up But Not the Hippopotamus which features a hippo hiding behind a tree on the cover. She then turned to me

Lily: "What's that guy doing Mommy"?
Me: "I don't know Lily, it's time for bed"
Lily: "Let's find out!" (opens the book to page one)

This time I couldn't stop myself from collapsing in laughter. We didn't read the book, but I don't feel like I came out on top here either. Any tips? I fear I don't stand a chance.

Lily 2, Mom 0

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