Sunday, November 16, 2008

Making Room and Finding Space

Time for an announcement... drum roll...

The Masterwongs are soon to become four! Yup, I'm carrying around a new little guy/gal with me now everywhere I go. Hopefully all of you reading this have already heard this news from us personally, so it's not much of an announcement. If you ARE finding out this way - well let me just say that we haven't been the best at getting in touch lately. Honestly I'm still processing the fact that there's really and truly a baby in there. I keep going to the doctor and they keep sending me home with really cool pictures:

Hi Mom! Hi Dad! Hi Sis!

But I have yet to really get my mind fully around the concept of a new baby. So don't be offended if we didn't tell you - it's not you, it's us ;)

I won't bore you with the details of how I've been feeling blah blah blah - well not in THIS post. Instead I wrote a couple of "secret" posts as I went along - before we were confident enough to start posting the news. So I'll be publishing those one a day over the next few days. So check back for those, but caution - they are void of all cute toddler antics and focus totally on the rantings/musings of a pregnant woman. You've been warned.

As the title suggets there lots of prep going on around here lately. So far a lot of it is mental/emotional for me. However we DID post our day bed to Craig's list so that we can get Lily a smaller twin bed and make some space in her room for another dresser. Tonight I finally got to my first pre-natal yoga class with Barrett over at O2 Yoga. I really enjoyed these with Lily and was excited to go back. However, what I had forgotten was how the classes are such a great opportunity to really center and connect with your baby. With Lily all I did was connect with her all the time - I had NOTHING ELSE TO DO but think about her. Poor baby #2 is ALREADY getting shafted in that I can hardly spare a thought for him/her during my day. So yoga class was AWESOME tonight. Just me and Baby #2 hanging out and getting all "om" and "namaste". Definitely going to make these a priority on my Sunday nights.

OK and now some important facts and requests for help:
1. Due date is May 24, 2009 - yay for spring babies!
2. That makes me 13 weeks along today - nearly done with the first trimester. Do I get to wake up now?
3. This baby needs a nickname - any suggestions? Baby Wong #2 is too boring.
4. This blog is going to need a new name! ack! We've got about 6 months to work that one out. Please leave comments with suggestions! We could name Baby 2 in the "swamp theme" and keep it real that way.. mwa-ha-ha-ha

Now seriously folks, I've begged for comments before but this time I mean it! Don't deny the pregnant lady - it's all kinds of bad karma.

And I'll leave you with more fun pics:

Umm the head is attached, right???



Mike Johnson said...

Holy crap congrats!

Charles said...

Well, Tad seems like a great choice. You know, Baby Tad. HAHAHAHA!!

OK, I know I'm risking my life with that one. Forgive me :).

Andria said...

Congratulations! Great news!

Erica said...

I actually have a friend named Tad. it isn't a bad idea... I, however, will call him "The 'Pole."

Corinne said...

Froggy? Frogger? Kermit?

Anonymous said...

It's not easy being green.



-- Dawn