Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lily Update: more Sunday Funnies

It's been a long time since I posted about Lily and what she's up to lately. Blame it on complete exhaustion or whatever you want - but we're past due.

It seems like she's changed SO much in the past few months we can hardly keep up anymore. I've said before that she was transitioning from baby to toddler, but now it's hard to look at her and find the baby. I stopped posting about her word lists because she made some crazy leap and now talks in full sentences ALL THE TIME. She rarely stops talking - except maybe when asleep - maybe. And when she's not talking, she's singing. So here's just a little update - another "Sunday Funnies" edition (again, too late to read with your morning coffee... well maybe Monday morning).


She's loving music - and I mean LOVING it. If she's awake she wants music on. We're taking a Music Together class this fall and the price has been worth it for the CD alone. Pretty much her first words each morning are "Hello Everybody On?" or "Liza Jane on"? 'Lil Liza Jane is her favorite song by a mile - I think it's becuase Liza is my brother's girlfiend's name and she adores her. Today she asked for Liza Jane and Gordon said "OK I'll sing it" and she said "No! Liza Jane ON RADIO" Smart kid.

Now she's making up her own games. Her newest one: She stares at you all sweet and cute-like until you stare back and get really close. Then when you're right in her face she says (loudly) "Go Away Go Away!" and laughs maniacally. Then as you look horrified she says "No!!! I'm kidding". Of course the first time she did this to me I cracked up laughing. So now she thinks it's great. Wonderful.

Bedtime songs are still a hit. She's got some new requests now though: Yankee Doodle and Spider Man. Gordon comes up with these and she just LOVES them. Spider Man includes a "verse" that we learned from our neighbor across the street. It has nothing to do with Spider Man, but instead is about a baby in the kitchen with pots and pans. We can't sing the song without this verse - she gets indignant. Someday, when she's older, she'll hear the spider man theme song and will break into this pots and pans nonsense and everyone will think she's nuts - ha ha. There's also an "Ameoba Man" verse that Gordon's friend Andrew made up long ago - she likes that one too.

Her newest skill is counting. It's pretty fun to watch her do this. She's totally got two down. If there's two of something -she'll tell you. TWOOO Monkeys! TWOOO Ladybugs! whatever. But she'll also count higher when prompted. She uses her index finger and can consistently get up to three or four without error. Then it gets a bit dicey. Sometimes she rushes through the rest, but she ALWAYS ALWAYS skips seven. Not sure why - she's just not down with seven.

In related news, she seems to like the letter "e". Not sure why - but she always points it out when she sees it. She's also got some weird connection with "K". She's got an ABC book and the K is for kite. Whenver we get to it she stops, stands up and sort of makes a K with her arms - then laughs. I'm not entirely sure if she's trying to be a "K" or the "kite". Either way - it's a little wacky.

Lily loves the library. If she sees an airplane - and you ask her where it's going - she'll tell you "to the library". At random times she'll announce "library NOT closed, library OPEN!" One time she said this loudly in the middle of story-time AT the library (hello Miss Obvious). The hippie babies in the bus in the Pampers ad from the parenting magazine? Also going to the library - though sometimes those babies do prefer the zoo.

Lily digs Barak Obama. The other day my brother Eric and I were drving her to the mall. We're stopped at a light near Union Square and suddenly Lily's all pointing out the window yelling "Barak Obama! Barak Obama!" We looked and looked - there was no Barak anywhere to be found. But she kept getting angrier and angrier about it. Thankfully the light was long and I finally spied a tiny Obama sticker with his face on it stuck to a light post. Seriously it was HARD to find. Of course my brother then asked her "Do you know John McCain too?" Dead silence from the back seat - heh heh. The next day we're driving again and she says "Where'd Barak Obama go? I want to see Barak Obama sticker!" Well Lily dear you'll be happy to know that, "Yes, we did".



Erica said...

oh my gosh, that last picture, with her hair in pig tails - SO cute!!!!!

Susan Woodmansee said...

hi Becky and Gordon,
Lily is a cutie! Congrats on #2 en route to join the Masterwong crew. I really enjoy following your blog. I hope you all are healthy and as happy as you look!