Friday, August 22, 2008

Games Daddies Play

In all respects Gordon is a super-terrific, exceeds expectations, one-of-a-kind Dad. One of his great talents is coming up with fun games for he and Lily to play. Lately these games have centered around a canvas tote/bucket thing that my Mom bought for Lily a while back. By day it sits in her room providing a home for a portion of her obscenely large stuffed animal menagerie. But at night, in that magic post-bath, pre-bed 20 minutes - it becomes much more.

There are there main canvas tote games - we don't really have names for them so just bear with me.

1. Tote goes on Lily's head. As seen below, Lily sits on the ground and the tote is then placed upside down on her head like a hat- her little legs stick out. Stuffed animals are then placed along the periphery of the opening and are suddenly scooped up by the tote-monster. We really enjoy saying "you want monkey?" and then hearing a muffled "OK!" from inside the tote. Then monkey gets scooped up inside. Eventually the tote reaches capacity and everyone comes tumbling out. Then we do it again.

2. Lily and animals go inside the tote. This game is simply an inversion of the previous one. First the tote is emptied, then Lily gets inside, then we pour animals on her head while she frantically makes the sign for "more". I have no idea why this is fun - but she absolutely loves it.


3. Animal Basketball - I don't have a picture of this one, but it's the only one with a name. Basically it's just how it sounds. Tote goes across the room. Lily and Daddy get a pile of animals - hijinks ensue. Sometimes Gordon makes a shot from across the room. Sometimes Lily gets an animal and goes in for a layup or a slam dunk. Occasionally Mom gets an assist from the sidelines.

Phew! playing is hard work. I bet Grammy had no idea how many hours of entertainment she would be providing when she gave us the magic canvas tote!

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