Sunday, May 4, 2008

Word List Update


For all of you who have been waiting with bated breath to find out what else Lily has been saying these days - well the wait is over. It seems like Lily's been learning a new word every day now. G and I realized that we're not even sure how many she's got at this point. So here are some highlights, documented for posterity.

Down: For some reason this one cracks me up. Lily does not say "up" - she has no interest in "up" - she just needs "down" - and uses it aaalllll the time. Down from the table after dinner, down from the stroller while on our walk, down from our bed when we try to coax her to sleep with us a little extra on weekends.

See Ya!: another favorite. And notable because it's the first real example of something that we didn't even try to teach her. At this stage you walk around pointing out everything in the house. But "see ya"? She says this when I leave for work, to the other kids at day care, along the bike path. It's a crack up. I guess she's not going to really learn proper English.

Cat: Well, as one would expect, dog has been followed by cat. The best thing about this is that she accompanies it with her version of the ASL sign for cat. At first I had no idea what she was doing... "Honey move your hands away from your mouth I can't understand you" ha ha. then I realized she was trying to trace whiskers on her cheeks while saying "cat, cat". She was standing at the back door when she first did this - looking for Murphy of course!

Bye-Bye: A nice complement to "hi". Now the folks that pass us on the bike path get to hear both. She says this when G or I end a phone conversation. She also says "bye" to most anything when she leaves the room or goes to bed. This habit can be useful for easing transitions: "Lily say bye-bye to the park" Surprisingly, it often works!

Lily: and she's saying her name too! For this one I credit a book that Shawn and Liz gave to her, Lily and the Imaginary Zoo. She's been asking me to read this one too her a lot lately and spends most of the time pointing to the little girl and saying "Lily Lily!". Now she seems to have figured out the connection to herself as well.

Potty: Potentially new today, Lily is very into her potty lately. At our pediatrician's advice we bought a potty for her (ours is a ring that sits on the real toilet - I'm not big on the thought of cleaning a separate potty if I can avoid it). He suggested that we just sit her on it here and there, read some books and hang out. Then when we happen to be in the right place at the right time, we give her positive reinforcement and take it from there. So we thought - why not? Anyway at first she wasn't too into sitting on it at all. Then last week she heard me talking to some Mom friends of mine about potty training their little ones. She went to the bathroom and walked out with her potty ring to show us. From that day on she's been all into it - often initiating potty-sitting time. Tonight she kept pointing to it saying "Lily potty" as we got her ready to do some sitting. She loves "reading" while on it - especially my Parenting magaizine - it's SO cute. So far we're just doing a lot of reading and not much else!

Go: Lily really really loves to go out. If we're home too long she goes and gets her coat and stands by the door. So it's not surprising that she's learned to say "go" to help her cause. I think we can also thank They Might Be Giants' "Go for G" song a bit here too. She likes to sing along.

Yalla: Lily's first official Arabic word. Lily's day care provider, Mimi, uses this often with the kids and it means "come on, let's go". I can't say I've really heard it myself, but I'm not sure I know what to listen for! Mimi says she says it, so I believe her.

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