Saturday, April 21, 2007

Go Red Sox!

Today Lily went to her very first Red Sox game at Fenway Park. We have a mini-season ticket package called the "10 Man Plan". So we get 10 games per year and have seats in the bleachers dead on to center. We've had these tickets a few years running now and really enjoy them. Though we miss our friend Steve who used to have seats with us! Now we share with Joe and Anita, but they are moving to LA this summer. They weren't able to make it to today's game, but Clay and Ellie came with us instead. Lily got all dressed up in her Red Sox gear - a gift from our good friends and fellow-Sox fans Julie and Al and baby Calvin. They're in LA now - we miss them too. Anyway... I digress.

It was a terrific day for a game - although the sun was a little too strong for Lily out in those bleacher seats. So Gordon and I spent the first half of the game taking turn walking her around down below in the concession area. She was a big hit and made friends wherever she went. We have the same seats every year so the people in our bleacher neighborhood were very welcoming to this new little member of Red Sox nation. We bought her a hat at the park to keep the sun off her head and her face.

The game turned out really well too - Josh Beckett struggled at first, but settled down nicely. The Sox bats came alive against the Yankee rookie who's name I already forgot... our "other" new Japanese pitcher Okajima combined with Papelbon in the late innings to keep the game at 7-5 and get the Sox to their second victory against the Yanks in two days. I was so happy that Lily got to dance to "Love that Dirty Water" at her first game - and against the Yankees too! It was also Lily's first walk across the MA Ave bridge from Cambridge into Boston - what a beautiful April day - and great Boston sunset on our way home.




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