Thursday, April 19, 2007

Meeting Great-Grandma (#1)


Lily is really lucky because she has TWO great-grandmas that she can spend time with. My mother's mom (shown here) lives in Somerset, MA. She had her 87th birthday this year, and has been living in a nursing home for a few years now due to dementia. She is doing well though and we all go visit her often. Grandma (or Auntie Reggie as the rest of the family knows her) was a permanent fixture in our house when I was growing up. She cooked many dinners for us and I used to sleep over at her house once a week. We took Lily to meet her for the first time just before Lily's one-month birthday. Since then we have visited her whenever we're in Fall River and she spends holidays with us. I am so happy that Lily will get to have this amazing woman in her life. Below are some pics from our visits to Great-Grandma. Gordon's mother's mother is living in Toronto. We call her Pau Pau - we need to check on what Lily would call her... We're hoping to get to Canada later this year to visit with her.




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