Saturday, April 17, 2010

Quinn: 11 Months

Ack! Q's 11 month-day came and went without a post! I thought I was going to be on top of it this month - but yeah whatever. I just got back from my Houston trip and am tired, but here are some pictures of Quinn's 11 month:

This month has been all about motion for our little Q. He's definitely given up the army crawl now and is an expert crawler. He's fast too. He's standing and cruising pretty effortlessly. Of course now he's getting into everything - our stuff, Lily's stuff, you name it. At least he's still small enough to contain when we need a break:

People always tell me that he's a happy baby. I can't for the life of me figure out why they think that:

He's got such an easy smile and is just always so happy to see everybody. He seems to really enjoy being able to move around and explore. Sometimes it's hard to keep track of him:

He's figured out how to do some sign language - mostly the sign for more as he's still a really big fan of food:

He's got this adorable new habit of holding out his arm towards whatever he sees that interests him. Sometimes he sits at my feet and holds both arms out toward me "pick me up mom!". Other times he sits in the hallway and stretches his hand out towards our alarm system motion detector that sits in the corner of the room near the ceiling "what IS that light?". At the park he reaches out for the swing long before we're near it - because that baby LOVES the swing:

He's got 6 teeth now and although teething has been COMPLETE and UTTER HELL we seem to have earned a little respite. He's sleeping longer and taking real naps. Dare I even say that he's on a schedule?? (probably just jinxed us big time, but there it is).

He's managed to charm all the kids at his day care, especially one little girl who just seems to be totally in love with him. He loves her back. He gives big sloppy kisses and sweet pudgy-armed hugs. He's all baby fat now and it's wonderful and cuddly.

When I come home from work he greets me at the door by crawling over to me at breakneck speed to give me a hug. He doesn't stay long though. It's a quick hug and then he's squirming to get down again and get back to the business of wrecking the joint learning and exploring.

I can't believe that we are just weeks away from Quinn's 1st birthday. He's rocketing toward toddler-hood at breakneck speed and all I can do is try to hang on for the ride.
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Gordon said...

Happy 11th month birthday, baby boy!