Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rare Photo Opportunities

Like pigs with wings or an ice skating rink in hell here are some photos of things you probably never thought you'd see.

Exhibit 1:  Lily sitting on the couch watching TV with a dog (and Grammy of course).  Ok so you can't REALLY tell she's watching TV but she is.  It's the Olympics  - and it doesn't happen that often - so watch closely kid.  Next chance won't come around for another two years*.  And the dog - not ours - he belongs to my brother.  He's a very adorable, cuddly, easy-going Bassador named Dudley.  I'm sure he'll make many more appearances at the LilyPad.  But probably not on my couch or watching TV with my kids.  

I will pull this picture out some day when she complains that I never let her do anything fun - 10 years from now.  Also - when she asks me for a dog.

Exhibit 2: Quinn's top two front teeth!  You may have to expand the picture to really see them - and it's a little blurry (I took it, not Gordon, of course) - but they are there.  Unlike the Olympics his teeth are here to stay.  It just feels like this child has been teething FOREVER.  So it's still a little unbelievable to me that actual teeth appeared.  He's now got one bottom tooth that has broken through and one that is on the way.  We know the latter because we are up a lot at night.  Have I mentioned how much we hate teething?  Sometimes, when I feel really insane I think about how great another baby would be - and then I remember that they don't come with exposed teeth and I reconsider**.

* OK so I'm not THAT bad - she does get to watch TV here and there now - kind of, sometimes.
** But Babies!  So cuddly! and also - toothless... damn.

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