Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Easter Bunny Cometh

When I was a kid I loved Easter - and I mean LOVED Easter. It's probably a blog post for another day (or never) but my Mom can tell you stories about my obsession with Easter. I was the weird kid who was terrified of Santa (it was the beard) yet found nothing creepy about a gigantic bunny walking into my house at night to hide eggs everywhere. There are stories of my Mom and Grandpa being so sick of playing "Easter" that they'd finally "lose" the easter basket and eggs so I'd stop asking for them - in AUGUST.

Anyway, given this history I feel it's only fair that Lily get to play Easter too. So this year I got my act together (sort of) and in classic Becky-style colored eggs on the last possible day, the Saturday before. We didn't think Lily would be too into it, but she seemed to really enjoy watching the egg dying process. She'd sort of laugh each time the egg came out of the cup a new color. We all had a nice time with that. Gordon and I figured she'd be too interested in eating the eggs to get it.

On Easter morning, Lily woke up to a nice little Easter basket full of treats: crayons, a new pink chick and a couple of books, including Knuffle Bunny. The purchasing of that book was inspired by the post that got me hooked on Mike Adamick's blog. The Easter bunny also left some eggs for her to find - and she was pretty good at spotting them! Again, I underestimated her and didn't think she'd get the whole hunting aspect - but she totally did. She walked around clutching her new chick and carrying that basket of eggs - it was awesome.

After our little Easter at home we jumped in the car and drove to Fall River for the real family celebration. As usual, Gail and Bev hosted a big family dinner at their place. There was much eating, much family and another Easter basket for Lily from Grammy and Papa. My Grandma, Lily's Vo-Vo, was there with us, making the day even more special. Lily had a great time seeing everyone, exploring Gail and Bev's excellent home and sharing Casey's toys. Until next year, Easter Bunny!

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